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Price Match Guarantee

Book with confidence on Bel Air Crest, Accra

If you find a better rate, we’ll match it Before You Book.

We guarantee the best prices possible, but if you come across a lower qualified price on another website, we're willing to match it before you book. To take advantage of this, you must find a lower qualified price for the same accommodation and terms either before or within 24 hours of making a reservation through our official booking channel.

If you meet the necessary criteria, we'll honor the lower price and provide you with the same rate for each night of your stay.

To initiate a Price Match Guarantee claim, you must book directly through our official website, reservations email, call number, or front desk. If there are multiple prices available for the same accommodations on our official booking channels, you must have booked the lowest rate to be eligible for the price match.

Lower qualified price
To qualify for a Price Match, the price must be:
Lower than our website rate Same accommodations and terms

Accommodations and terms
Examples of different accommodations that would not qualify for a Price Match Guarantee include:
Room types: Single Occupancy Classic Suite vs Double Occupancy Classic Suite Number of guests: 2 adults vs 1 adult

Limitations and restrictions
A qualifying lower price has no restrictions on how it is displayed or booked.
Examples of these types of restrictions that don’t qualify for a Price Match claim include: Corporate negotiated business travel prices Prices that are reflective of unauthorized reselling of a confirmed reservation made in someone else’s name

Submitting your Price Match Guarantee claim
You can submit a Price Match Guarantee Claim via email, at our front office or over the phone.
We'll try to connect with you via an email confirmation or phone call within 48 hours after we receive your claim.

If your claim involves another site’s mobile app, be sure to take screenshots of the app and reservation details.

Reviewing your claim
If you submit your claim online, we’ll try to independently validate it within 48 hours. If you make a claim over the phone, we’ll try to independently validate it immediately.
Claims are not valid and cannot be processed or approved once checked in (in-person or digitally).

Price comparisons will be made net of taxes, gratuities, service charges, early departure fees, or other fees and incidental charges, and will exclude changes in currency exchange rates. Note: For our rates which are tax inclusive, price comparisons will also be made with the tax inclusive rates of Third Party.

For stays longer than one night, the Price Match Guarantee will be evaluated based on the total room price for the entire stay.

We may deny a claim if we believe the Price Match Guarantee is being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent.

Approving your claim
If we verify the availability and eligibility of the qualifying lower price, we will match the qualifying lower price

Take note, the claim submitted must not contain a current reservation. Once the claim is made, a tentative reservation will be secured and you will be notified by email on the next steps you need to take to complete the reservation process. You must complete the reservation within 24 hours of receiving the email or phone call. If you do not, the claim and the tentative reservation will be canceled.

The room price change is not effective until you receive an email or phone call confirmation from us reflecting the new room price.

Terms and conditions
We may modify or discontinue the Price Match Guarantee or these terms and conditions at any time in our sole discretion, with or without notice.

Submit your Price Match Guarantee Claim
Contact us via / our official contact numbers to submit your Price Match Guarantee claim.

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